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We use high quality raw materials which are continuously and strictly verified to obtain dried vegetables. Vegetable growers who cooperate with us are handed out only properly dressed seeds upon contracting. We have implemented a system for controlling both plant protection products application and fertiliser use. All raw vegetables and herbs delivered to us are compliant with the specifications of our company and are not genetically modified (Non-GMO)


Our major goal is to ensure that we meet all requirements imposed by law and specified by our customers regarding food quality and safety along the food chain from farm to fork. We produce our goods in compliance with the Food Safety System Certification 22000-FSSC 22000, which is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This food safety standard is specifically designed for food producers and is based on existing ISO Standards: ISO 22000: 20005, ISO/TS 22002- 4: 2013 and additional requirements. The FSSC 22000 is approved by the GFSI as fully comparable with the IFS and BRC standards.

Our products are certified kosher.

We are a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange SEDEX.


ul. Łódzka 41, Bramki 05-870 Błonie

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