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Aligned with our belief that the production process commences in the fields, we maintain an active commitment to cultivating and sustaining a reliable supplier base.

Establishing close, long-term partnerships with farmers and directly overseeing vegetable and herb cultivation are crucial steps in sourcing raw materials for our production. We educate farmers in good agricultural practices, provide professional advice on agrotechnical treatments, and distribute seeds, seedlings, and plant protection products used in crop cultivation. Our supervision of seed and seedling distribution allows us to verify their origin and ensure that the vegetables and herbs covered by our contracts are free from genetic modification (Non-GMO).

In recent years, we have placed significant emphasis on disseminating information and promoting the use of biological preparations that enhance soil and plant health, thereby reducing reliance on mineral fertilizers and pesticides. This approach not only has a positive impact on the environment and supports sustainable development programs but also prioritizes the improvement of product quality and safety.

To closely monitor crops, our suppliers maintain “field cards” containing records of applied treatments. Our team of agronomists conducts inspections throughout the growing season, closely monitoring crop conditions at various stages. Based on crop assessments and “field card” entries, ongoing advice and recommendations are provided.

Only batches of fresh vegetables that have been approved and have obtained laboratory test results in compliance with regulatory requirements on pesticide residues are eligible for collection and delivery. Each delivery of fresh vegetables is classified based on its adherence to the mutually agreed-upon specifications.

These comprehensive activities ensure full traceability and supervision of the raw materials utilized in our production processes.


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