Fried onion (8% of fat)

Our the most innovative product is low fat (8%) content fried onion, which is widely used in the food sector primarily as a functional ingredient for meat, fish, hot-dogs, hamburgers, salads and potatoes. Thanks to the unique technological process, we can control the fat content in this product. Our fried onion is gluten-free (we do not add any flours) and salt-free. All ingredients used in the production process are non-GMO.

Our fried onion has a rich gold colour, crunchy texture and sweet taste.

Roasted onion (0% of fat)

The onion roasting process is carried out without the use of fat and other additives. Roasting allows to bring out of the product a unique, intense aroma and depth of taste as well as positively affect the consistency and appearance of the product. Well carried out roasting allows you to enjoy an aromatic product without undue loss of nutritional value. This process does not degrade the content of minerals contained in onions, and its temperature is maintained at a level that allows obtaining valuable organoleptic qualities without adversely affecting the health quality of the product.

Roasted onions are delicately crispy, aromatic, have a specific, pleasant smell and have a beautiful, golden colour. This product is an excellent addition to various types of dishes and snacks. It can be used in the sprinkled form for main courses and salads, an addition to meat and vegetable stuffing, fish. It can also complement the flavour of the bakery industry and gastronomy products.


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