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Imported products

Next to our „from the field to fork” range we are offering products, which are sourced from abroad and refined in our factory. We import dehydrated vegetables, herbs and spices. Dehydrated products are sourced from their original habitat in various countries around the globe. Imported products are valued for their specific taste and aroma, which guarantees a rich and distinctive flavour of products and dishes made with them. Through direct engagement with manufacturers, we can influence the development of processes, based on the knowledge, trust and shared drive to perfection. We work only with approved and vetted suppliers. We emphasise the way we verify sourcing and production conditions. We check and evaluate applied quality control and food safety systems. All procured products are being monitored through accredited laboratory testing for their quality and parameters stated in specifications and law.

Onion Sterilized
Fried onion (8% of fat)
Spinach leaves

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