Success in the domestic and foreign market depends on the trust that people have for us, including the clients’ belief that our brand is a synonym of respective, repetitive quality.

Our goal is to identify the needs and expectations of our clients, but also suppliers and employees. We want to be perceived as a reliable, long-term business partner, a trustworthy employee, responsible partner in contacts with the local community. In all our actions we rely on the rule of sustainable development, the most important ethical values and the feeling of social liability before all persons interested in our activity.


• Communication and internal relations
Our cooperation with employees is based on esteem for their dignity. We respect employee’s rights to privacy and discretion. We develop the working environment with mutual trust, we want everybody to feel responsible for our actions and the good name of our company. Our goal is to ensure unambiguous and open communication with every employee. We support employees in raising their qualifications and improving their skills and liabilities.

• Communication and external relations
Building long-term relations is the basic rule, which is followed in our business model.

• Clients
We provide to our clients the goods, which have respective and repetitive quality and are safe for the consumer. We give full information based on our best knowledge, concerning the properties and use of the offered products.

• Suppliers
Our suppliers are chosen based on qualification and evaluation of possibilities of meeting specific requirements. Their activity must be coherent with our trends of development. Our key rule to build mutual trust is the openness to their problems and providing support in every phase of cooperation.

• Strategy and human resources management.
We follow the idea of equal chances in all our practices, policy and recruitment proceedings. An employee, who meets the requirements for a given work position or a potential employee of the company shall never experience discrimination because of nationality, religion, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, views, disability, membership in unions or other organizations.

• Social aspects of an activity
We are reliable, honest and respectful to society. We have esteem for people’s rights, and we care about environmental protection and sustainable development of our company and its environment.

Considering the influence on the natural environment, we identified key aspects, and we have specified a method to monitor and control them. In our daily proceedings, we rely on the rules of reasonable use of raw materials, fuel, energy and water. We constantly raise the awareness of our managerial staff and employees to promote practices supporting the care about the natural environment and the needs to improve the methods of preventing environmental contamination. We expect similar actions from our suppliers. We support them with our knowledge and experience and encourage them to the optimum use of the resources they have.

• Use of raw materials, fuels, energy and water, waste materials, emission
Every day we monitor the use of raw materials, materials, fuel, energy and water, the amount of generated waste and emission. We undertake actions to reduce and reasonable use of the available resources.

We constantly raise the employees’ qualifications and awareness of safety. We promote actions and culture of work, which allows ensuring safety to employees, suppliers, clients and other persons in the area of our company. We will not stop actions aiming at the improvement of the working environment and preventing potential threats.

• Work safety and hygiene management system
We control the working conditions regularly. We prepare analyses of the status of industrial safety, and we complete technical and organizational ventures to prevent potential life or health threats.

Every year we confirm the reasons of undertaken actions, completion of targets, so we voluntarily submit them to the evaluation of independent, external units. We have the pleasure to inform that the direction of our development was evaluated positively and in effect, it was confirmed with obtaining a certificate for compliance with the following systems: FSSC 22000, ISO 14001:2015 and SMETA 4 Pillars.


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