The fried onion production process is designed to deliver the most nutritious and tasteful product. Onion is fried in our factory from the refined dehydrated onion. Frying is made with strictly monitored addition of vegetable oil, without the addition of any texture and functional ingredients (e.g. wheat flour). The process has been carefully perfected and based on current food trends. In result, we have eliminated the deep fat and high-temperature frying. Onion after our process of frying is gold in colour, crisp and aromatic, which only encourages to taste it.


ul. Łódzka 41, Bramki 05-870 Błonie

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Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski - logotyp

Jaworski Vegetable Drying Plant
Spółka Akcyjna Spółka Komandytowa


+48 22 725 60 02

ul. Łódzka 41, Bramki
05-870 Błonie, Poland