Our innovative product
- low fat fried onion
We pay much attention to ensure the safety of our products. Before the delivery to the customer, all the products undergo quality control one more time. They are unpacked, sifted again on the vibrating sieve, additionally checked by SORTEX Z+ (with the exception of herbs and leek). Next, they are manually sorted on the inspection belt, to go through magnets and a metal detector.

Thanks to the highest resolution cameras, our bichromatic sorter (SORTEX Z+) can detect and then dispose of any foreign bodies and products even with the slightest defects. This four-channel sorter rejects even subtle imperfections in an invariable and effective way. It uses cameras with visible light sensors with 2048 pixel resolution. Therefore, defects as small as 1 pixel can be traced and separated from the product of the right quality.

Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Spółka Akcyjna Spółka Komandytowa | Jaworski Vegetable Drying Plant
Production: Progressiva
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