Our innovative product
- low fat fried onion
Company policy of Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Sp. J.
The superior goal of Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Sp. J. is not only to ensure the quality of the manufactured products required by law and meeting customers requirements,but also safety at every section of the food chain “from field to table” in respect of the activities run by the organization.

By executing the principle of a comprehensive approach to quality management and food safety, Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Sp. J. , ensures:
  • observing the principles of social responsibility towards our employees, stakeholders and communities;
  • observing the laws and contract obligations towards customers;
  • maintaining effective communication (internal and external) connected with the safety and quality of the manufactured products;
  • executing purchases from qualified suppliers guaranteeing safety and an appropriate quality of the supplied products;
  • constant monitoring of parameters affecting the quality and safety of the manufactured food;
  • appropriate hygienic standards at all the stages of the manufacturing, storage and distribution processes;
  • increasing the staff’s awareness of food safety;
  • continuous improvement of the implemented system of managing food safety and quality.

This policy is subject to supervision

and inspections and it has been announced

to employees of Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Sp. J.

and interested parties.

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