Our innovative product
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Occupational health and safety policy
of Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Sp. J.

Bearing in mind health and life of our employees and all persons cooperating with us, the Management of Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Sp. J. has set up this occupational health and safety policy in order to specify obligations pertaining to safe work environment.

Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Sp. J. as a producer of dried items of vegetables undertakes to:

  • identify, update and observe requirements arising out of occupational health and safety provisions;
  • perform systematic identification and analysis of occupational hazards and risks and take actions leading to the decrease in accidents;
  • eliminate or minimize the risk of hazards for health or life of employees with the use of appropriate working methods;
  • take actions leading to accident prevention, including accidents during work, incidents and occupational diseases;
  • raise qualifications and awareness of employees in respect of OHS in order to promote safe behaviour and ensure safety of our Clients, subcontractors, suppliers and other persons staying on our premises;
  • continuously improve work environment and prevent hazards.

This policy is subject to supervision

and inspections and it has been announced

to employees of Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Sp. J.

and interested parties.

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