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- low fat fried onion
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Dried vegetables produced by our company develop from raw materials of the highest quality, subjected to continuous rigorous selection. Farmers supply a raw material contracted before and compliant with our company’s specification, non-genetically modified. Our suppliers are obliged to apply solely registered protection agents and fertilizers in strictly set quantities. This initial stage of checking our products is unusually essential and scrupulously monitored by us, because we believe that the production process begins just in the field. If a product meets the required criteria, the following occurs respectively: cleaning, washing, cutting, blanching, drying with hot air, final selection, packing and weighing.

A finished product is packed in paper sacks or cartons with a poliethylen insert with a volume of 8 to 25 kg of a net product, and also in big bags, depending on customer’s requirements.

Prior to dispatching an order to the customer, every batch is checked additionally. During this examination, it is checked whether a commodity diverts from the required standards, that is whether it has the right flavour, colour, crumbling level and whether it is not polluted. Only those batches of dried items that pass the ultimate check are allowed for sale.

Thanks to a systematic inspection at every stage of the production, we guarantee that a produced batch of dried items meets the standards and requirements of food law both in Poland and in the European Union.

Products that are not blanched during the production process can be sterilized by steam at the customer’s request.
Suszarnia Warzyw Jaworski Spółka Akcyjna Spółka Komandytowa | Jaworski Vegetable Drying Plant
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